9th Annual AEC HR Summit in San Diego, CA

Pre-Summit Workshops

Join us at the A/E/C HR Summit one day early and take a deep dive into one of two topics during one of our full-day pre-summit workshops. These are not included as part of your Summit registration - please see details below for pricing and registration information. 

Engaging and Developing High Performing Teams

Sexual Harassment At Work

Understanding the Law; Conducting Legal and Effective Investigations; and Assessing Your Culture

Facilitated by Bob Kelleher, The Employee Engagement Group

Facilitated by the legal experts at BLR
Rebecca A. Speer, Esq., Co-Founder/Attorney-Investigator Tribù Partners LLP  and
Patricia Pope, Workplace Culture Expert, BLR

This hands-on workshop will focus on the key steps to building a high performing team. You will leave energized with a blueprint that will enable you to transform your teams into high performing functional teams, and will take home team-building tools, exercises, templates, and approaches. Set in a laboratory setting in which all attendees are members of a fictitious team, we will bring the team through a diagnostic journey using some best-in-class team diagnostic tools. We will guide the team through a team evolution process incorporating the best work of Lencioni, Tuckman, Blanchard, and of course, Kelleher.

The “Me too” movement has thrust sexual harassment into the spotlight. It seems every day another high-level company executive, politician, entertainer—the list goes on—is being accused of sexual misconduct. This intensive workshop will provide you with important information on various forms of harassment under federal law, identify the signs that your workplace culture puts your organization at risk for harassment (and the claims that may follow), and give you practical tips for managing workplace investigations into allegations of impropriety impacting your workforce. 

Highlights include:

  • Learn how to establish your leadership team’s baseline via assessments and polling
  • Define the ideal traits of high performing teams
  • Learn how to adopt best-in-class experiential exercises to reinforce team dynamics
  • Learn how to apply the work of noted team though leaders, including Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Understand why humility, hunger, and emotional intelligence are the special ingredients of successful teams
  • Experience the dangers of one ‘bad apple’ team member

Highlights Include: 

  • The many types of harassment, including examples of sexual, same sex, gender-based, and others
  • The key points your workplace’s anti-harassment policy should include
  • Strategies for building trust and transparency at all levels of the workplace—from the C-suite to the front line workers
  • How to lay your workplace investigation groundwork—and what not to leave out of the process
  • How to conclude the investigation in a way that alleviates stress among employees and minimizes your organization’s legal risks